BS chair



 Arm chair,Side chair

A Sidechair and an Armchair, both in plywood.

At first glance they could look like constituted by a single piece, but they actually are made up by two parts: the seat and the seatback.

In fact these two parts in plywood are both fixed jointly to the hind legs, which are those that have more stability: this functioning configuration conceals the duality of the parts of the body, conserving its visual indivisibility.

Itʼ s also possible to reproduce the realization of both the Sidechair and the Armchair with the traditional handcrafted procedure of the plywood manufacturing.

The respective parts of the backseat and the seat are in plywood in both the tipology of BS Chair, the unique variation consists in the different outlines and shapes of the Sidechair and the Armchair.

In summary the design of the BS Chair in plywood highlights the simplicity of the unification of the two constitutive sections, the functionality and the cost of production.

©  2014 Hayato Kawauchi




Easy Chair ,Arm Chair

Selected for IFDA (International Furniture Design Fair Asahikawa) Asahikawa 2014 in Japan

The curve on the rear legs and the frame of the backrest created a three-dimensional curve on the backrest which gives relaxed back support.

Because of the mesh material for the seat and backrest, the chair has a lightweight and casual impression.

And furthermore the breathable mesh seat provides the user a comfortable sensation even if sitting for a long time.

©  2014 Hayato Kawauchi