Knockdown table legs

These are the Uma-Dai legs, which in japanese suggest the idea of the capability to sustain weight by two outdistanced bases, just like horseʼ s legs.

Uma-Dai legs can be disassembled and can support different sort of table, with different shapes and different weights.

The concept of this work is developed on the idea of modularity, ease in transportation and in storage: it is conceived to be functioning at events and exhibits.

Uma-Dai legs are wooden parts with cylindrical structure that can be assembled with a dovetail system.

These legs can sustain different kind of tables in various situations: expositions, fairs and shows.

©  2014 Hayato Kawauchi




Easy Chair ,Arm Chair

Selected for IFDA (International Furniture Design Fair Asahikawa) Asahikawa 2014 in Japan

The curve on the rear legs and the frame of the backrest created a three-dimensional curve on the backrest which gives relaxed back support.

Because of the mesh material for the seat and backrest, the chair has a lightweight and casual impression.

And furthermore the breathable mesh seat provides the user a comfortable sensation even if sitting for a long time.

©  2014 Hayato Kawauchi