Folding chair

The ROW Folding Chair is conceived for contexts in which thereʼ s the necessity to arrange meetings or workshops on short notice.

This folding chair equipped with armrests allows to sit comfortably for extended times. One of the most considerable qualities of this work is associated to the simplicity of their logistical administration, from their movement to the placement: this peculiarity permits to store a remarkable number of them in public places or rather in narrow spaces.

Itʼ s easy to fold and organize the ROW seats with precision because the surface in contact through the chairs itʼ s very wide and guarantees stability.

©  2014 Hayato Kawauchi




Easy Chair ,Arm Chair

Selected for IFDA (International Furniture Design Fair Asahikawa) Asahikawa 2014 in Japan

The curve on the rear legs and the frame of the backrest created a three-dimensional curve on the backrest which gives relaxed back support.

Because of the mesh material for the seat and backrest, the chair has a lightweight and casual impression.

And furthermore the breathable mesh seat provides the user a comfortable sensation even if sitting for a long time.

©  2014 Hayato Kawauchi