Stackin chair.Stool

The design of this chair aims to make it light, tall and to guarantee a stacking system of several chairs by which takes the name of Stacking Chair.

The choice of fastening the fabric to the side groove of the frame allows on one side to ensure a good resistance of the junction between the textile and the wooden part, on the other calls to mind an idea of visual lightness through the contrast of the two materials. Itʼ s possible to pile up to 10 stacking chairs; besides the piling of several of these chairs doesnʼ t ruin the fabric and doesnʼ t leave marks, because the weight of the overlapping seats is distributed on the underlying wooden structure.

In conclusion a support that connects the seatback to the seat with several webbing tapes permits to make the SOU Chair very comfortable.

©  2014 Hayato Kawauchi




Easy Chair ,Arm Chair

Selected for IFDA (International Furniture Design Fair Asahikawa) Asahikawa 2014 in Japan

The curve on the rear legs and the frame of the backrest created a three-dimensional curve on the backrest which gives relaxed back support.

Because of the mesh material for the seat and backrest, the chair has a lightweight and casual impression.

And furthermore the breathable mesh seat provides the user a comfortable sensation even if sitting for a long time.

©  2014 Hayato Kawauchi